What is AVIF and How To Convert It to a JPG File?

Since computerized headways keep on improving, there are presently various ways of saving a record in a particular configuration. Typically, when we open a document, we simply pick the Save As a choice to have it saved in the configuration we need. Nonetheless, certain arrangements are not accessible on the Save As choice.

One of them is changing over an AVIF record to a JPG document. However it tends to be changed over, you should utilize programming or an internet-based converter. You can follow this aide in the event that you really want to know how to switch it over completely to a JPG document.

What is an AVIF document?

An AVIF document is a picture from the AV1 augmentation. These are the pictures made when you extricate the keyframes of AV1 recordings created. Since this innovation is sans sovereignty, you can pack and unravel pictures without paying any authorizing expenses.

Contrasted with different organizations, it accompanies lower document size. It is as of now upheld by various programs like Chrome and Firefox. These records likewise come in less haziness and visual bends even with a similar document size as the ongoing picture designs.

However, it comes in little document size, and the picture quality remaining parts are great. The AVIF record is viewed as an incredible option in contrast to the ongoing picture document designs.

Why Convert AVIF to JPG?

It very well may be the best option in contrast to JPG and WebP. The single AVIF document size is much more modest than the JPG design. You can likewise save the pictures in High Dynamic Range Quality.

Since picture watchers have been arising as of now, you might change over your AVIF pictures to open them on your gadget’s picture watcher.

How Do I Convert AVIF to JPG

Outline of AVIF2JPG

AVIF2JPG is the best internet based AVIF to jpg converter for me. All AVIF transformation undertakings are dealt with by Avif2JPG. as far as possible back or as far as possible up to AVIF It’s not hard to comprehend and use.

On the off chance that you are wanting to change over various records, AVIF2JPG can change over even many documents without a moment’s delay. It will just require a second for each document changed over. Due to the JS Technology, this AVIF converter utilizes a high level change innovation where you would have no need to transfer the photographs that you need to change over.

Convert AVIF to JPG with ABVID2JPG

  1. Open the tool in your program.

2. Select your desired pictures to change over.

3. Drag them to the space gave

4. Select JPEG on the choices and pick the scaling variable and quality

5. Click the Start button to begin changing over a picture. Assuming that you are changing over numerous pictures, click Convert All AVIF.

6. Once the transformation closes, the JPG document will be naturally downloaded to your PC.

What Are The Advantages Of Using AVIF2JPG?

With the utilization of AVIF2JPG, you will actually want to change AVIF over completely to JPG even 100 pictures which won’t require some investment. It can change over a picture each second. Your photographs will likewise be gotten since the site involves VUE and JS innovation in handling the pictures.

You may likewise change over the pictures whether you are utilizing Windows or Mac, without paying any expenses. Their client assistance is additionally accessible every minute of every day on the off chance that you have experienced a blunder while changing over.

AVIF File Formats FAQ

What Are The Advantages of AVIF?

Since AVIF utilizes a High-Efficiency Image File (.heif) design, it conveys a similar picture quality as on a JPG or WebP picture. It gives a similar advantage on more modest record sizes. Assuming you utilized the AVIF pictures on your page, your site guests wouldn’t need to trust that the pictures will stack.

Besides more modest document size, underneath are different benefits of utilizing AVIF:

  • Uphold’s movement and live photographs, infographics, and computerized illustrations
  • Upholds HDR and WCG pictures with better variety tones
  • Upholds monochrome pictures

What Are The Disadvantages of AVIF?

On the off chance that you are utilizing AVIF pictures for your site page, it might take more time to encode. Because of this, it might utilize more CPU power than different organizations.

Besides encoding, there is likewise a portion of drawbacks of utilizing AVIF:

  • Unsupported by different projects
  • Cell phones might utilize more battery
  • Not upheld by Safari
  • It May look more complicated than different configurations

AVIF versus JPG: which one is better?

It relies upon where you will utilize the picture. Assuming you might want to keep it on your PC, you might pick the JPG design. On the off chance that you will involve it for a site, AVIF is better.

Is AVIF lossless?

Indeed. It upholds lossy and lossless compressions.

For what reason are my documents saved as AVIF?
On the off chance that you are saving a picture from an AV1 video design, the still picture is probably going to be saved as AVIF.


AVIF2JPG is an incredible AVIF record conversion apparatus on the web. It very well may be utilized for nothing and it has the speed that will save you time in the event that you really want to change over different documents.

AVIF to JPG change is a strong and compelling device containing the elements as a whole and the advantages expected in a picture/video converter. It’s free and simple to utilize, has progressed security includes, and has an extremely natural connection point. Here are the highlights and advantages: