Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Maruti Suzuki Car With S-CNG Technology

Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles have always been the talk of the town in every part of India. No matter where you go, you will always see a Maruti Suzuki CNG vehicle because Maruti Suzuki India has sold over 12 lakh CNG vehicles since its launch in 2010 till this date. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki is the first OEM in India to launch factory-fitted CNG vehicles. Currently, they have a 70 percent plus market share in factory fitted CNG segment, and there is no denying that they have achieved the pioneer in the country in offering factory-fitted CNG cars with more than a decade of experience. 

Maruti Suzuki has the largest portfolio of 12 green vehicles. These vehicles are among India’s best company-fitted S-CNG cars that ensure the best performance and are taking India towards greener mobility. These S-CNG vehicles are available in multiple engine options, including a 2.0-litre, a 1.6-litre and a 1.5-litre engine. S-Presso, Alto, Celerio, WagonR, Eeco, Ertiga, Swift, Dzire, Alto (K10), XL6 and Baleno are the S-CNG vehicles available in the market.

However, you must wonder why we have been talking about CNG but have yet to tell you what S-CNG is. Now, S-CNG stands for Smart CNG. And to be more precise, the S stands for Solid Performance, Savings, and Safety. But that’s not it, there are five advantages of S-CNG. So let’s tell you in brief about them: 

Solid Performance

Maruti Suzuki’s factory-fitted CNG cars in India come with dual interdependent ECUs and an Intelligent Injection system that work together to maintain a consistent air-fuel ratio for optimal performance and ensure extremely smooth pickup. This also helps maintain better fuel efficiency, which is a significant concern for every vehicle owner. Not to forget, the suspension, chassis, and braking system are specially tested under extreme conditions and then tuned at the factory so the S-CNG car can provide perfect drivability on different terrains and in the ever-changing climate. For those wondering about the ride quality of an S-CNG car compared to that of a petrol car, it is similar despite the additional weight of CNG due to the special design.


It is a known fact that the durability of components used for making vehicles contribute to how safe they would be in the long run. Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars have been designed to be leak-proof, with stainless steel pipes and joints. The wiring harness inside the car is an integrated system that eliminates the chances of any short circuits. Not to forget the Non-Return Valve mechanism, which eliminates chances of leakage. These safety features play important roles and have been added to make the S-CNG cars more reliable so customers can build their trust in them and ignore the common myths in the market.

S-CNG cars also come equipped with a micro-switch that prevents the car from starting during the refuelling process. There’s also this Dual Solenoid system which ensures that gas is released only when the car is in CNG mode. These features work together to provide a reliable driving experience. 


If you are considering CNG technology for your car, Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG technology offers a range of benefits over aftermarket CNG kits. These benefits include superior fuel efficiency and low running costs, the two most important factors to consider while planning to keep a CNG car for an extended period. As a result, choosing this technology can provide significant savings and the seamless car ownership experience we all crave.


The convenience of owning a Maruti Suzuki S-CNG car is entirely delightful, as customers get extended warranty benefits of up to five years. Now coming to some extra features that add to the convenience of owners. The S-CNG cars are equipped with an Auto Switch, which offers an instant switch from CNG to petrol and vice versa, even while driving. And all of this happens silently without hampering the seamless driving experience. These cars also come with a CNG fuel level indicator that helps the owner keep tabs on fuel consumption and can refill CNG on time.

In a fast-paced world where there is a crunch of time and technology is rapidly evolving, nobody likes to wait for anything, especially when there’s technology available all around that can make things faster. And that is why you should get an S-CNG car, as that will provide a convenience that will never make you wait. Moreover, these cars come with NGV Receptacle technology that assists in faster fuel refuelling, ensuring safety.


Don’t we all dream of purchasing a value-for-money vehicle and saving more money even while using it to its full capacity? Well, that dream is already true for the S-CNG car owners, as these company-fitted CNG cars let their owners enjoy great savings due to their low running cost, i.e. superior mileage compared to petrol cars. 

Choose Maruti’s S-CNG cars for an unmatched experience

If you’ve read the entire article, we are sure you will be planning to get a CNG car next time. But pick wisely and not just any CNG car; pick Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG car because that’s wise. Maruti Suzuki’s fleet of vehicles (inclusive of both Maruti Suzuki Arena and Maruti Suzuki NEXA) is equipped with premium features that offer uncompromised performance, engine durability, convenience and best-in-class fuel efficiency. 

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