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The message is an extraordinary method for staying in contact with loved ones. The application is famous on the grounds that it’s not difficult to utilize and get, yet there are alternate ways you can utilize it to keep your telephone number hidden also. In this article, we’ll show you how you can utilize Telegram to conceal your genuine telephone number from everybody.

Change from SMS to Telegram

You can change from SMS to Telegram. You can download the Telegram application and set up your record. You should make a username, add a few companions, and send messages.

To change from SMS to Telegram:

Go into Settings on your telephone or the site of the organization you are utilizing for testing.

Figure out how you can change your number from SMS to one more kind of informing administration like iMessage or WhatsApp; this might be within reach in Settings/Accounts and Passwords/Email and App Accounts or something almost identical relying upon what gadget and working framework you’re utilizing (for instance, Apple’s iOS). In the event that they don’t specify changing over to one more assistance here, somewhere else search in their documentation; as a last resort then, at that point, reach them straightforwardly by means of email or call so they can assist stroll through the cycle with you — all things considered, it’s their work!

Enter this new record data into anything that message informing administration is requesting it (email address/telephone number); most generally utilized ones incorporate Gmail accounts however there may likewise be others recorded relying on the number of various applications were introduced earlier).

Deactivate your Telegram account

On the left side menu, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner to get to your Telegram settings(Telegram).

On your profile page, look down to view the “Erase my record” button and snap on it once you see it. You will be inquired as to whether you need to erase messages, photographs, or recordings put away in the cloud as well as erase all information related to your record including bunches that you were essential for and secret visits (they will be erased provided that they were put away in the cloud).

Click on the “Erase My Account” button again to affirm eradicating everything from Telegram servers and erase all information related to your record for all time from their servers, including messages traded between different clients of the application but not put away locally by yourself.* If somebody has been given managerial honors for one of their gatherings or stations then even he/she can’t erase them except if given authorization by the proprietor who made them initially utilizing this element called ‘Oversee Group’.*

Get another client’s name

If you have any desire to ensure that nobody can find your telephone number in the message, there are two things you want to do:

change your username

The first is quite simple; go into Settings, then Telegram name, and type anything you desire. It’s really smart not to utilize something clear like an epithet or something that could offer pieces of information about what your identity is. The subsequent one is significant in light of the fact that messages have no alternate approach to recognizing contacts; in the event that somebody doesn’t have a clue about your username by any means, they will not have the option to add you as contact via looking for it on Telegram Web or any such thing (however they might, in any case, have the option to look over all contacts).

You can change your character on Telegram

You can change your personality on Telegram to conceal your telephone number from everybody.

Different strategies:

  • Utilize a VPn
  • Utilize an intermediary
  • Utilize a burner telephone with a VPN
  • Utilize a burner telephone with an intermediary and VPN
  • Assuming none of these techniques work for you, consider utilizing an other burner number from another country.


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