How To View Photo EXIF Data in Windows and MacOS

Imparting pictures of blissful minutes to companions or partners through online entertainment stages additionally includes sharing the EXIF data related to the photographs.

You probably shouldn’t share when and where you took those pictures assuming that you are worried about your security or secrecy. All things considered, eliminating the EXIF data from the pictures will be suggested.

Assuming you’re searching so that tips and deceives could see a picture’s EXIF information in Windows and in MAC working frameworks for eliminating information from photographs?

We have the answer for you. The means introduced in this article will direct you through reviewing and cleaning EXIF information.

Subsequently, let us investigate the idea that anyone could hope to find strategies for eliminating information from photographs immediately. To comprehend the strategies, we should initially comprehend what EXIF information is.

What is EXIF information?

At the point when a picture is caught with a cell phone or Windows or MAC gadget camera, EXIF or Exchangeable Image File Format is recorded as covered-up information. Pictures that have EXIF information demonstrate when, where, and on what gadget they were caught.

It is feasible to decide openness settings, the focal point size, etc by concentrating on the actual picture. For Android and iOS gadgets, the client needs to introduce an application to get EXIF information, though Windows and Mac’s gadgets have it implicit.

EXIF information for Windows and macOS: How to View it?

The accompanying advances should be followed for macOS or Windows:

Instructions to View EXIF Data On macOS

A Mac client can get to the EXIF information utilizing the locater application incorporated into the working framework. Also, it shows all the specialized data related with the document, for example, when it was made and when it was gotten to.

  • Select the insights regarding the essential EXIF information by right-tapping on the ideal picture.
  • By following the above advances, the client will be given a data discourse box where the necessary data can be seen.
  • On the More data tab, the client can get to definite EXIF information.
  • Also, the client should utilize the Preview application to see the whole EXIF information of a picture.
  • View pictures and information in the Preview application by right-tapping the picture and picking open with review application from the menu.
  • To show the Inspector, pick the Show Inspector choice from the toolbar menu after Preview shows up on the screen.
  • You can see the full EXIF information of the picture by tapping the data symbol in the Inspector window.

The data tabs straightforwardly neighboring the EXIF tab give admittance to extra EXIF information. Besides, the camera model and picture type additionally influence the admittance to EXIF information. To go high level, you can utilize the EXIF supervisor application from the Macintosh application store to get the full benefit of it.

Instructions to View EXIF Data on Windows

In Windows, you can see EXIF information from a picture’s Properties window by utilizing Windows File Explorer.

  • Select the Properties choice by right-tapping on the favored picture in Windows File Explorer.
  • Click the Details tab of the Properties exchange box. From that point, you’ll see EXIF information data for the picture, like size, goal, and different subtleties.
  • You can alter and eliminate EXIF information on Windows by utilizing Microsoft’s Windows File Explorer, yet clients can likewise utilize outsider programs like EXIF watchers.

How to Clean EXIF information on macOS and Windows?

To erase information from photographs, the client should follow the means recorded underneath.

Erase EXIF information from the Windows System

With the assistance of an inbuilt application or outsider programming, Window clients can eliminate information from photographs without any problem.

This is the very thing you want to do:

  • Click on File Explorer in Windows.
  • Right-click the ideal picture in the envelope and select Properties. You can now eliminate the EXIF information.
  • The EXIF subtleties will be shown when the Properties discourse box opens. Click on the tab named “Eliminate Personal Information and Properties.” Afterward, you’ll see a choice named “Clear Data.” Select this.
  • A screen will seem to show two choices for erasing information from photographs. With the principal choice, all the EXIF information will be taken out, and the subsequent will
  • permit you to choose which information to eliminate.
  • Click OK when you have chosen the information you wish to eliminate.

Erase EXIF information from macOS

The Mac doesn’t have an inbuilt program to eliminate EXIF information, however, clients can cripple their camera’s area and repudiate their camera’s settings.

To do as such, follow these means:

  • From the Tools tab, select Show Inspector under the Photo in Preview.
  • In the event that the chosen document contains EXIF information, another tab named EXIF will show up.
  • Tap the area choice followed by concealing the area to impair the area.
  • This information can be risky for a Windows or Mac OS client since it uncovers the
  • picture all’s subtleties. Then again, we have recorded a few stages by which clients can undoubtedly see and erase EXIF information in this article.
  • Then again, you can involve Any EXIF for macOS and Windows which does all tasks like view, alter, and erase EXIF information from pictures.

Ideally, this data will be useful. Assuming you have any inquiries, go ahead and ask in the remarks segment.